Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Artist Bios Volume One

Hot Bitch Arsenal (USA)
Track: Double Down Quick
New York based sultronica from the duo of Christina Abbott and Kim Galibert.

Max Waves (Italy/Australia)
Track: Reflections (feat. Pixieguts)
Eclectic electronic musician who ranges from minimal pieces to romantic ballads.

Baxandall IP & Pixieguts (Poland/Australia)
Track: Shiva Star
Shamanistic sound with subliminal influence. Emotions, associations, images.

Corrientes (USA)
Track: Thinking Back
Bilingual band with songs in English and Spanish, fusion of traditional music and quirky electronica.

The Peach Tree (Australia)
Track: A Perception Of Change
The solo project of Angus Maiden. "Mourn with me, for the world is a beautiful place."

Herrera (Canada)
Track: Beedlebo
A project of Vancouver-based artist Anthony Rowland. From ambient soundscape to jazz/funk-inspired downtempo and idm.

Jacky Bullfrog (Germany)
Track: Psychedelic Excursion
German music freak who produces sounds with groove for the 21st century.

Nicky Bendix (Denmark)
Track: The Vision
Born of spontaneous improvisations his music is an "exploration of inner and outer worlds", though it defies definition as such.

HealeyIsland (UK)
Track: Four Tubs Of Tallow Spread
Cinematic and soundscapesque music that melds dark electronica with light, warm, organic sounds.

Crimson Death (Canada)
Tracks: Hell is Hell | Sick (E.I. Remix)
Combining jungle beats, dark vocals and heavy guitars, Crimson Death is an innovator of the metal DJ scene.

eQo (Sweden)
Track: Memento
With acoustic sampling, beats, and electronic manipulation, eQo pushes musical boundaries while still retaining accessibility.

ElectricOkra (USA)
Track: Amplifiers
Genre-busting, home-grown electronica.

Electromagnetic Impulses (UK)
Track: Crimson Death - Sick (E.I. Remix)
Jason Mallett aka. E.I. makes electronic dance music across all genres.

Reconsiderate (USA)
Track: Foot Soldier
Reconsiderate does not follow in the footsteps of anyone.

Re-Drum (France)
Track: A Long Run
Began making music on Playstation and now uses more advanced hardware to create drum-driven electronica.

Pixieguts (Australia)
Tracks: Reflections (w. Max Waves) & Shiva Star (w. Baxandall IP)
Vocalist with electronic artists across genres around the world. Trip house alternative.